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Julie Frances Fox, (b. 1993, UK)






2017 1st Sunday from A to Z, Festival Zaz, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017 Schulan Aruach, Ensemble 209, Performance Art Platform, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017 Tragic Improv, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

2017 Night Circus, The Sputnik, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017  Woman is the Shelter, Kfar Giladi 38, Tel Aviv, Israel

2016 The Lycra is Pink, Cinemateque, Tel Aviv, Israel

2015 Permanencias e Destruicores, Rio De Janiero, Brazil

2014 Action with Bricks, Rio De Janiero, Brazil

2014  27 Beam, DIG space, London, England

2014 Waiting for the train to pass, DIG space, London, England

2013 Bird and Beast, Kaptar, Budapest, Hungary




2016-Ongoing Ensemble 209 Performer, Performance Art Platform, Tel Aviv, Israel

2016-Ongoing Assistant Director, Michel Platnic, Tel Aviv, Israel

2014-2015  Gallery Assistant, Serpentine Gallery, London, England

2014   Team Manager, A by P Productions, London England




Certificate of Higher Education, Camberwell College of Art and Design, 2014

Foundation Diploma, Falmouth College of Art and Design, 2012

Julie Fox (b. 1993) is a visual and performance artist who transforms objects of daily life into vessels of metaphors, the familiar into the unfamiliar, in an attempt to identify and examine the liminal space between knowing or unknowing, or a decision in the moment of being decided.


Kfar Giladi, Night Circus (2017), Passing (2015) are all solo performance pieces. These works are drawn out melancholic odes to past lives, given voices to exist in a dream like set and stage. The moments of performance do not serve to define or answer, rather to question and shift the framework of perspective of consumption.


Woman and the Beast series, painted is an exploration of the feminine psyche, the changing climate of identity and social responsibility, and the physicality of womanhood, explored through a visual communication of interaction between the tangible familiar form and the fantasy of the animal.


Also, linked to this other place the harmony of memory, Imaginary Landscapes, show scenes of other earths. Harkening to the detachment from fauna and flora, these paintings are the artist’s imagination of the changing landscape outside.


Professionally, Fox has worked to facilitate the creation of artworks, such as Michel Platnic for Genesis, A by P productions as well as the curation and construction of self orchestrated performance events. These roles, ranging from Assistant Director to Team Manager have provided valuable experience of the technical aspects of creating time-sensitive artworks. Fox has been an member of Tel Aviv’s Performance Art Platform’s Ensemble 209, as well as a performer for various other artists and events. She employs a sensitivity and curiosity in her approach to performing.


Current projects include collaboration with designer Eliza Collin for the project, Samak Bilab Bi Delo, a fashion and arts education initiative based out of Beit Ummar, Palestine.